Our Family Operation

Lowe Cattle Company is a multi-generational operation located in the Walnut River Valley of Southern Kansas. In addition to our beef cattle operation, we also manage a family of four boys. Our farm is the epicenter of our family and our children help us with chores and activities.

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A Better Beef Product

Many producers concentrate on quantity and ignore the other factors that aid in a high quality product. It's not just the breed of stock, it's also about the environment they live in.

We look at all the factors that affect the quality of our stock. We pay attention to water, pasture maintenance, individual animal health, weather and shelter, and of course, their feed.

We do these things because we want a product that is not only healthy for our own family, but is also the best we can offer your family.

Beef School - A quick guide on beef

How to Buy

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We offer pasture-to-plate options for consumers looking to purchase beef directly from the farm. Some people want a better value, while others want the peace of mind that they know exactly how and where their food was produced.

While we can't sell individual steaks in this manner, we do offer 1/4, 1/2 and whole bulk packages of our high-quality beef to fill your freezer.