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Our Beef


We offer an all-natural Red Angus beef product. Our herd is fully inspected for health defects and fed a corn silage and grain-based ration for 100 days as part of the finishing process.


Our processes for raising and developing our herds, combined with award-winning cattle, allows us to offer a great tasting product that you'll be proud to serve.


We're now taking orders for 1/4, 1/2 and whole packages for Spring of 2017.

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Akaushi Cattle - American-Style Kobe Beef


In addition to our Red Angus herd, we are now developing our own stock of Akaushi cattle. The Akaushi cattle breed is a DNA-proven ancestor of the famous Kobe region of Japan. In order to officially be labeled as Kobe Beef, it must be raised in that region of Japan. With our stock of Akaushi cattle, we will be able to offer that richly-marbled beef that is highly sought after by high-end restaurants. Adding to the superior texture and marbling, the Akaushi Beef is high in Oleic acid, a heart-healthy fatty acid and has a high ratio or monounsaturated fat to saturated fats.

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